Update of Update: Roy did not contact me back today, so i will be calling the lawyer tomorrow, I am not going to set around and do nothing…

If you read my last post, You will see a comment from someone who claims to be a Verizon Financial Dept Worker, I cannot confirm this, So im Leary about it… However if you read what he said, With the whole Test Drive problem, Where i HAVE to port my number over… I think this is Bull! And heres what happened yesterday:

Yesterday, I called Verizon to check the status, And they told me that i wouldn’t be getting $60.00 of what i paid back, And this threw me in to a world of pissed off you cant even imagine. Nowhere in their Contract terms, or on their Test Drive page could i find anything stating that i would HAVE to port my number over to be elligable for a refund! All i found said that i COULD port it over… Plus i only had the services for 1 Week, And im getting charged for the entire month!

Now Up until today, I was still mad, The guy that left a comment on my blog yesterday, if supposedly going to try and help me, However im not sure whats going to happen. However here are my plans in case he cant help me.

I dont like being taken, And i feel that Verizon has Taken me, Esp where they charge me for a month i didn’t even use, I understand billing in a month advanced, but If i don’t stay with them, When what right do they get to charge me that! My plans were to go to Sprint, And if you are a Regular Blog Reader, You will see i went to Sprint, And all that! My plans, if Roy cannot help, Wich are already in process anyways, I will be filing suit aginst verizon, For the entire $125.00. I already have plenty of information and flaws in their Contract, And will be contacting my lawyer today, However i will give this Roy a chance, He stands between me and the company as far as getting sued, He can control where this goes. So, We will just see, And i will let you know how it turns out!

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  1. Hey Matt,

    sorry for the delayed response. The email is my home email and I retrieved it when I got home. You did not give me the mobile number of your aircard. I did a search by the name you gave me and there are 23 people by that name that have disconnected aircards. We have 67 million customers, I cannot just go by a name. Give me the last 4 of the mobile number and I can get it that way. Have a good one.

  2. I hope that Roy is able to help you Sonof. If not, good luck with your case Sonof =). I am currently trying to figure out how to get out of my Verizon contract so I feel some of your pain.

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