i have managed to not make this public this long, but when a company ripps someone off, It needs to be brought public! As you seen, The whole HughesNet Issues and comments, I have a feeling were going to start a new one here with Verizon Wireless… 3 Months ago, I signed up for a Mobile broadband card, After using it a week, i decided their 5GB limit wasn’t going to work for me, So i returned the card. They told me 4-6 weeks for a refund. so im thinking a month tops… I paid them $125.00 UpFront to start my account, I returned my part within the return time, All parts on my end are done, And were on time, A month went by, I ignored the fact that there was still no money, but on the 6th week i started to worry, I called, They said it would be another week or so. That passes, Were at month 2 marker, Called back, Wheres my money? Oh its a thing with billing, its just slow, Give it another 2 weeks. So we go HALF way in to Month 2, STILL no money! So i call back, They said they have sent the money to the check processing dept, Could be ANOTHER 6 weeks before they print the checks, At this point i was about to hit the roof. They gave me the number to their “Check Processing Dept” Guess what, This number DOSENT EVEN FU@#$%^& EXIST!!! They keep giving me a run around, and were at 3 months now, going on 14 weeks, STILL NO MONEY< Not so much as oh yea we printed the check, How Fing long does it take???

Quoted form their page:

Any credit balance will be refunded to you within 4–6 weeks.

6, 14… Yea i dono about that. I am going to threaten a lawyer on them tomorrow, i will be calling them for the 50th time, and Prob again, will get nowhere.
FYI the call WILL be recorded, And i will post the resolution on YouTube, And here on my blog as well. If it goes as far as a lawyer, You better believe it will be all over youtube.

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  1. Hey Matt,

    I work for Verizon Wireless in the Finance Dept and just came upon this blog. I will see if there is anything I can do for you. I ran a query in our database for your aircard mobile number using what I thought was your last name “Snoff’ but came up with nothing. I have someone with the last name Krasnoff. If you want you can shoot me over your aircard mobile number and I will look into this and try my best to get it resolved. Sorry about any confusion. Just to clarify, the “Test Drive” is a valid promotion only if you sign up specifically for it and then port your number out to another carrier. This saves us from anyone coming onto our network for 30 days with no intention of paying.

    Did you sign up with us for the “Test Drive” or did you sign up for a regular contract? Also to clarify, this is not in response to any inquiry you made with us or any calls you made to us. I am just an employee came upon this blog. Thanks and I do apologize for the inconvenience. Really.

  2. Roy needs to work in Customer Service. He surely seems like an honest, well intentioned person. It’s too bad about the porting out requirement. I suppose though, that there’s got to be at least a 10 or 14 day return policy, aside from the “test drive” program.

  3. To date, Still no response from roy… After 6 months of waiting, i got a refund of 60.00, About 65.00 short. Thanks alot verizon, I was charged for a full month, of my one week usage.

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