i was going threw the stats on my page today, Looking at the Top searches form Google that direct linked people to my blog. And i got curious, What are the top things goggled? Strange enough, I have the Top Five Things Googled for April 8th and they are…

1. amber hagerman
2. gobstopper
3. angels lyrics
4. bill buckner
5. biggest loser meal plan

Why would people be interested in this stuff? Its kinda odd! Who is Amber Hagerman? and wtf is a gobstopper lol. But thease look like Random searches, But their not! They are the TOP Searches! I thought well maybe its just that day, Lets see what was searched for the 7th:

1. nokia tube
2. pulitzer prize
3. one shining moment
4. mario chalmers
5. danny and the miracles

I dont get it! What does this stuff interest people? HOW is it interesting? as odd as it seems, Oh well. and maybe, JUST MAYBE being i blogged on it, Maybe ill find out exactly HOW MANY people search this stuff daily…

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