Long time ago, in Second Life, I was Scammed by a guy named Foxfire12, Oddly seems like he may be copying Fire Fox with his name.. Totally different subject though! Here is a original Note card i found in my computer of our LAST chat ever… PS he scams, So don’t buy form him…

About a month ago, I bought a Ad Server from FoxFire, For 1k, and it didn’t work, He Refused to refund me and basically i lost out. here is our most recent chat

[16:05] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: I am about to report you for defaming. Stop telling people I ripped you off.
[16:05] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: Because I didn’t.
[16:06] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: You just can’t follow directions to set up a simple server, which I DID offer a refund at the time, and you never replied.
[16:06] Sonof Marvin: lol, odyssy if my friend, we were just joking around, besides u did, To This day ur Ad Server doesn’t work
[16:06] Sonof Marvin: NC’s works fine though
— End of Log —
[16:06] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: Because his junk is simple, and 90% of his things he doesn’t script himself.
[16:07] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: Mine is an advanced ad server, and it -works- I tested it many times before I set it for sale.
[16:07] Sonof Marvin: well maybe you could make a working version, make it a update maybe? but it doesn’t work, I mean ppl told me i was dumb for buying it you own that u had on ur store didn’t work
[16:08] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: No, I had two boards at my store. One board worked, the other was a beta version trying different ways, which it rarely worked.
[16:08] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: I was selling the one that did work.
[16:08] Sonof Marvin: well, on ur store in Oakland neither of them worked
[16:08] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: I didn’t have a server working for it
[16:08] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: remember? i took a copy of my lev one
[16:09] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: the boards were reset, without a server key placed
[16:09] Sonof Marvin: they should all work off the same server
[16:09] Sonof Marvin: Im not a noob when it comes to servers,
[16:09] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: it was replaced, using different keys
[16:09] Sonof Marvin: The board its self shouldn’t have changed
[16:10] Sonof Marvin: As you may know i use prize machines, And my server stays on Oakland but the machines go everywhere and they still work
[16:10] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: Prize machines are different from ad servers
[16:10] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: ad servers, the boards have to send their key to the server, so the server can send the pictures to the board
[16:11] Sonof Marvin: well, another example, NC’s server acts the same way, and if his is easier to use, and works alot better, then wats makes urs soo better?
[16:11] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: I didn’t say mine was better, it is more advanced and overly complex =P
[16:11] Sonof Marvin: lol, well your awful proud of it, 1K
[16:11] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: plus, once again, he doesn’t script his things. I know that for a fact.
[16:11] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: …
[16:11] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: I don’t pick my prices
[16:12] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: I pick a random group of 5 people, show them what the item can do, and they all agree on a price
[16:12] Sonof Marvin: well that’s fine, You can blame someone else or try to point out his flaws but that doesn’t mean u didn’t rip me off…
[16:12] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: I didn’t rip you off.
[16:12] Sonof Marvin: yeap
[16:12] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: I offered a refund, and you never replied to it.
[16:12] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: So i assumed you didn’t want a refund
[16:12] Sonof Marvin: no… I imed u an asked for a refund, and u said NO Refund
[16:12] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: um, no.
[16:13] Sonof Marvin: yes
[16:13] Sonof Marvin: I have chat history
[16:13] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: right, right.
[16:13] Sonof Marvin: all my chats are logged
[16:13] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: so are mine.
[16:13] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: All you have to do is follow the set up directions, and it works.
[16:13] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: The product works, I can’t help it that the user can’t follow directions.
[16:13] Sonof Marvin: ok, so would u like to settle this by giving a refund? or just forget it???
[16:14] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: this time, anyways
[16:14] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: Since you were being an ass about all this and publicly defaming me, then I would say no refund.
[16:14] Sonof Marvin: same as u said once i pointed out it didn’t work
[16:14] Sonof Marvin: besides when me and odyssy were talking, Me and Odyssy are good friends
[16:14] Sonof Marvin: and i only said that as a joke
[16:15] Sonof Marvin: i knew hed tell u though
[16:15] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: I know, but a joke can only go so far. It isn’t the first time you have “joked” about this.
[16:15] Sonof Marvin: he said u wanted 580L and i said well tell him that he owes me 1K so now he only owes 420 as a joke
[16:15] Sonof Marvin: no, I haven’t told anyone else
[16:17] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: hmm
[16:17] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: I just looked through saved chat logs
[16:17] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: and you never asked for a refund
[16:17] Sonof Marvin: well, according to ine you never asked me if i wanted one
[16:17] Sonof Marvin: so apparently we either had the wrong person or something
[16:17] Sonof Marvin: but fact is i asked for a refund before i even bought NC’s
[16:18] Sonof Marvin: cuz my friends told me u ripped me off
[16:18] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: what friend?
[16:18] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: I don’t rip people off. T_T People throw that term around so loosly.
[16:19] Sonof Marvin: well seems like a scam to me… I mean i give u 1K for something that doesn’t work
[16:19] Sonof Marvin: and you refuse to refund
[16:19] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: But it -does- work
[16:19] Sonof Marvin: so basically i loose
[16:19] Sonof Marvin: hasn’t for me
[16:19] Sonof Marvin: like i said even your own don’t work
[16:19] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: you havent set it up correctly then.
[16:19] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: plus, llEmail has been an ASS lately
[16:19] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: for like the past 2 months
[16:19] Sonof Marvin: well, i dont want something that’s going to take me 2 Hours to set up
[16:20] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: it took me like 3 minutes to set up
[16:20] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: and it works
[16:20] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: maybe it is the sim
[16:20] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: when i go to oakland, i lag like a mother effer
[16:20] Sonof Marvin: well, that’s fine, But again you go trying to blame something else
[16:20] Sonof Marvin: besides your own products
[16:20] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: because i KNOW for a FACT it works
[16:20] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: if it didn’t work, i WOULDNT sell it
[16:20] Sonof Marvin: if your not going to refund me, and Only try to make up excuses then fine, Bye dont want to hear it, But now i call u a scammer!
[16:21] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: you don’t realise how much time i got through TESTING things, if it doesnt work, i either fix it or trash it. If it works, i sell it.
[16:21] Sonof Marvin: well, apparently u over looked this
[16:21] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: no.
[16:21] Sonof Marvin: but read my last message
[16:21] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: i spent about a week testing, and repairing.
[16:22] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: I read your last message, you arent receiving a refund because the product does work.
[16:22] Sonof Marvin: ok bye!
[16:22] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: ok, bye.
[16:22] FoXxfire12 Thatcher: Remember, public defaming can get you banned. So watch it.

Now he’s threatening, Only can make up excuses that do not lead back to himself as to why his products don’t work, Don’t buy form him, You will Get Scammed!

lol thats it! :p
Just felt the need to dig this one out, and post it, Becuase we were talking about him, And how he still today has his store out, scamming more and more people.

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  1. Wow, if foxx saw this, you’d probably get sued.
    I buy from him all the time, he has great things, all his stuff works, at least the things i bought. he is better than harby. if u want to talk about scamming, take a look at desire-fashion house.

  2. Well hello resident… with e-mail fake@fake.com, You comment was flagged because you didn’t use any real info..

    I could rly care less if he seen it, Because hes a scammer, and the truth shall be known… But point being, this post is MONTHS old, How you found it today i ono. But anyways, Yes i have herd about desire, and Jenny Petty, but such is life…

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