Vista Supports… Nothing! Im starting to get VERY Fed up With Vista… I have tried 2 seperate WebCams on my new Laptop, Because if you Used to watch my live stream, When i am on High Speed Ineternet I can still do the stream. But Both cameras neiter work, I had trouble making my Network Color Laser Printer to work, It fineally works now. I was telling a few friend that i plan on ordering a new HP 17 Inch Laptop with the built in Webcam, But with Vista Im reallyhaving Doubts. Everyone is tellig me to try a Mac Book or a Mac Book Pro. I have never owned a Mac, Nor have i ever used one, So im jsut not sure if its what i want.

Plus, I have alot of software i have to use, Like Turbo Tax, For one, Thats my Major program im using now, And i dont even know if it will work with a mac.  Im just not realy to try a Mac, However Vista is getting Too Frustrating for me, I dont know what to do at this point.

On the Ohter hand, With a Mac, I would be able to try camtwist, And with that, I could have a awsome stream, ( However The stream would not be the ONLY thing i would be using this computer for, Im just scared to try a mac, Because 1. I dont have that much money to put on to something i may not like, And 2. I could get a Vista Machine with better specs for alot less.

The Vista Machine i was looking at comes with a 17 Inch Monitor, 2Gb Ram, 2GB AMD x2 Processor, 240 GB Hard Drive, Built in Camera and Mic, and much more, Not mentioned.

Then There lies the whole other.. New Years Resolution.

My New Years Resolution was: If the DSL or any GOOD High Speed Internet is ever put at my house, OR if i move, I would order another Private Island for Second Life. And that would completely kill the laptop fund, However it would be more fun on my Main Desktop, Playing Second Life.

So, Post Comients, Let me know what you Think? And im looking for Mac Reviews on my Comients! Thanks

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  1. I suggest trying a mac, if you have an apple store nearby you can go there and try one out briefly so you can decide if you’d like it or not.

    OS X gives the unix-like goodness with a pretty looking GUI, and the speakers on the MBP are supposed to be great for laptop speakers.

    If you’re that fed up with Windows but don’t want to be locked into proprietary hardware like a mac’s, try linux. There’s a few distros where you don’t even need to touch terminals, but if this is what you’re looking for, I’d stick with a mac.

    Your choice though. (I personally am proprietary-phobic. I won’t purchase a set of hardware where the vendor dictates the main OS I use, but Macs are getting to the point where they can run any OS (almost) with an x86 arch!)

    If you feel like trying to learn linux, I suggest starting out with Ubuntu 7.10, then after learning basics, if you still want to learn more, try Gentoo. They’re both very good (but very different from eachother) distributions of Linux and use the 2.6 kernels.

    If you just want an alternative to windows and don’t really care about learning Linux, try PCLinuxOS2007, I hear it’s supposed to be really easy (I haven’t tried it, I like learning linux.)


    OS X is built off of BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution), which is used for many webservers because of it’s stability.

    As soon as I get 3 grand and Apple can make their hardware compatible with all other OSes, I’m picking up a macbook pro, or the future equivalent.

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