I thought i would try to mix it up with a Different topic, Anyways, I have a story, I want to tell, Get it off my chest, And maybe get some solutions to my problem…

If you have been following my HughesNet Story you will know how bad my internet sucks right now, I jsut got home, And now i have been suspended due to non payment again… Its redicuess. And for the past few weeks, I have been at my dads house using the intenret there. I pay for his 10MBPS Cable Internet Connection. So i can use it.

Like i siad i have spent about 2 weeks in a row out there, and havent had any problems. Yesterday I stayed up a little late, and slep in untill after 3PM. Noone liked it that i did that but i hadnt planned on sleeping that long, Well that night (Yesterday Night) I couldnt ever get to sleep, I wound up going to sleep a little after 6 and Didnt wake untill after 3PM almost 4. During me sleeping, I was supposedly supposed to be doing chores around their house. So my dad was mad at me for not doing that. I kinda blew it off and went on.

Later on today, I overherd him and his Girlfriend talking, And she said, “is he going home today?” Talking about me and my dad said “I sure Hope so!” And this crushed me… I see i am not welcome there anymore… I dont understand why they would say this, All because i didnt do any laundry or load the Dish Washer? And my grandma even came early this morning and did the dishes for me…  So its not like it didnt get done…

Its just ridiculess what i have to deal with, And Now im at home, because apparently im not welcome out there, and i am having to use DialUp Intenret.

I am supposed to go to the Eye Doctor tomorrow, But my mom said she dosent have enough gas, Because this specialest i go to is far away, So this will be the second Appointment i will have missed, And if you followed that story you would know i recently before Christmas 2007 Had Eye Surgery to try and repair a Crack on the Back of my Eyeball. I havent went back to the Eye Doctor since the surgery.

Even thought all this, I dont know what to do. I cant just Up and leave, If i could i would totally move somewhere i can get better Interent. I came home and started looking threw my Old Pictures of where i owned Oakland Heights and mecca and i got so Depressed, I miss my islands, I just wish i could get my High Speed back and buy another island. If i had to, I could afford the island, Its just the Internet issue, And ill never get better internet untill i 1 Move, or 2 DSL comes up here, And quite Frankly That will happen when Hell Freezes Over…

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