Hughes Net May get sued, By me. Indeed I have very incriminating info on them, and if taken to a court of law will stand up, To remove me from the Contract I am in with them, As well as to refund all $200.00 That I have spent with hem over the months. And here is what I have, Many Hughes net Subscribers prolly feel the same as me, As thought your getting ripped off, and this new FAP or (Fair Access Policy) Is a bunch of Quite Frankly Bull Shit!

Firstly, I know for a FACT that Hughes net didn’t first introduce me to the FAP until I was a member for EXACTLY 30 Days. I know this for a fact because, They state they have a limit of 500MB per Day for users on the plan I am on, However in ONE DAY during the first 30 days, I downloaded a 2GB Game 2 Times! Making a total of 4GB Downloaded in ONE day. Was I limited NO.
However once im locked in their contract, They start throwing this policy on me, I was never informed of this policy, Nor would I have agreed to it if I had seen what I was getting in to,
Over the past few months, I have been Digging, Digging, and Digging, Trying to find info on them to possibly get me out of this contract, and to never hear from them again. Aside from the normal Dissing I do toward the company on a daily basis that’s pretty much all I had, Until Now…

Hughes net, Has a FAQ on Their FAP. That’s Frequently Asked Questions on their Fair Access Policy, Copied Strait form their FAQ is “So why is my plan referred to as “unlimited” if my high-speed access is indeed limited? Hughes guarantees it’s customers unlimited internet access … Not unlimited high-speed access.” Sorry Hughes Net, You should have put some more thought in to that excuse, This is a Piss Poor Excuse, and if taken to a court of law, Will stand against them.

Limited Internet is something of the past, All, Excluding the Satellite Providers, Provide Unlimited internet access, Not only internet, but HIGH SPEED, These Limits are bull, If Hughes Net’s Satellites aren’t strong enough to support its users, then maybe they need to move on, Cut their losses, and Stop the bull.
When Asking Random people their thoughts and opinions on this whole FAP, The exact replies were “That’s a Crock of Shit” and “What kind of internet company would do their customers like that?” But that’s just it, Hughes net Doesn’t care, They only care about how much their bank account grows, And that’s the point of this whole FAP, If this wasn’t in effect, They would be spending more money than they would want to provide good internet, And at $100.00 + a month, That’s crazy. Hughes net is setting there getting rich off its poor, dumb subscribers, And there’s noting anyone can do about it, However I am calling a lawyer tomorrow, And I will see just how far I can fight this whole bunch of Bull with Hughes net.

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  1. So have you heard anything back on this yet? I have been getting screwed by these assholes for over 3 years, but there is nothing I can do, because they are the only players in my area…Wimax is starting to take off though and I am getting a week signal from my cell phone so maybe in the new future I can tell then to fuck off…Good luck and if you get a class action suit going, count me in

    Responce From “Snoff”: Hello, I havent herd anything back on it yet, I havent really done much about it, I was recently suspended Perminately from their netoorks, due to non payment. Ever since they cut me off, i have been at my dads on Cable, So havent worried with it much, However i will keep updates posted to my blog. Thanks.

  2. Re: “James”. Hello, I havent herd anything back on it yet, I havent really done much about it, I was recently suspended Perminately from their netoorks, due to non payment. Ever since they cut me off, i have been at my dads on Cable, So havent worried with it much, However i will keep updates posted to my blog. Thanks.

  3. They really screwed us. I canceled my account within 2 weeks it was so lame. Then they took $350.00 out of my account. They said I signed papers giving them permission. I am the account holder my hubby did sign some papers but they won’t give us a copy. They forgien lady I talked to wwhen I canceled said that no more money would come out of my account. Liars that is all they are… I don’t know what to do now.

  4. This company is a complete ripoff. Because I live in the country they were the only available High-Speed internet service. The Fair Access Policy is the biggest pile of horse shit I’ve ever had to deal with. Hughesnet is far overpriced with shitty service and bad policies. I believe Comcast cable internet is only twenty dollars a month with no FAP. Get real Hughesnet. They make me sick.

  5. Does not live up to what they tell you. Poor service slow connection. The will not come to my house and fix their problem, always places the blame on weather , modem, connection. This is the only option I have for high speed and you can not call it high speed and they limit you to 350mb a day and I can not even update my operating system.

  6. I am having a problem too they limit mt to 200mb a day and if i go over they restrict me and i can hardly bring up a web page , if i knew they were going to be like this i would have just gone with an air card from a cell phone provider they say the can pick up any where. Im thinking about just cancleing and not paying any more or pay them part of what the montly bill is since they only provide part of the service!

  7. Yes, but what can anyone do about it? I have called and tried to explain that when people in the country have the option for Broadband they will lose customers do to poor service, but it doesn’t phase them. I think they are trying to get theirs while they can.

  8. I have to use Wildblue because that is what we have here. Their FAP is ridiculous. I can barely check my mail when they limit it and I am paying $70 a month for service because I can’t get DSL or cable!!! This is some real bullshit, but I guess maybe the satellite companies have a good monopoly going.

  9. Do Not Comment! If you cannot use a REAL e-Mail Address, and at least a decent screen name, Do not Comment… PS all IP’s are logged, so if i wanted to find you, I could just trace your ip… So just don’t.

  10. Yeah I am in my final week with bullshit company!! And I am going around trashing them wherever I can!!They are the biggest group of liars I have ever dealt with!! Achmed and habeb are the only people you can get on the phone. I asked Habeb If the company had pretty much lied to me to get me to sign up and he hesitated and said well… I told him not to lie to me like his company did and He said yes they had lied!! Their own employees know they are fucking us how sad is that!!

  11. I just got dsl today after 3 years of waiting.

    Right out of the box, nevermind hughenet fair access policy and bandwidth limitation bullshit, right out of the box Dsl is twice as fast.

    I kicked hughesnet to the curb after getting ripped off for 3 years.

    Hughesnet is the biggest bunch of crooks in the world. If you cant build a damn network that can reliably serve your customers with “broadband Unlimited”

    then STOP signing up new customers, you greedy bastards.

    and change your advertizing too.

    Id love to take these crooks to court.

  12. Snoff says: “Do Not Comment! If you cannot use a REAL e-Mail Address, and at least a decent screen name, Do not Comment… PS all IP’s are logged, so if i wanted to find you, I could just trace your ip… So just don’t.”

    Really!? Trace my ip and find me. Hahahahaha. Send me an email when you have located me. It is my real email address.

    Oh yea, I have HughesNet. I agree…FAP is retarded but so are most of the comments here. I have the Pro Plus plan and watch YouTube and listen to internet radio ALL day and have never been FAPed. Okay, I did get FAPed once when I downloaded Microsoft Visual Studio Express (900+ MBs) because I started the download too early. Once it got to 12:00 am it downloaded blazing fast. It was worth it. But I do the former all the time and my operating system (Windows Vista is awesome, grow up people) is always up to date. I download shareware all the time too. Sometimes in the background while I’m on YouTube.

    I just finished chatting with HughesNet support.

    The threshold isn’t MB/day it is MB/24hrs. I have 425MB/24hrs. Which means, for example, if I used 50MB at hour 1 and 300MB total by hour 24, at hour 25 (hour 1 of the next day) I would get 50MB back. In the last 24hrs I would have used 250MB leaving 175MB. At the beginning of each hour I would get back the amount of MB I used 24hrs ago. If it was per day like they say we would be better off. It is actually worse per 24hrs.

    As stated, I am a heavy user and have had only one incident. I have had HughesNet for about 6 months and so far so good.

  13. I thought I didn’t have a choice but to stick around getting screwed by them, because there is no cable offered where I live. However I recently got service through my cell phone, I would get on my cell phone to find movie times or anything because it was faster anyway since it didn’t have to get in line to go to a satellite (hughes doesn’t have enough to meet the demands, and even though the technology in their satellites processes really fast, it can only do one process at a time… so everytime you press refresh… your hopping in line.) Then the Phone companies started coming out with the internet usb card. It’s ingenious. Since I can put it on my phone plan, I actually save money doing them together, I get better service, and if something goes wrong with the peice, I can just take it into the store instead of having to make an appointment with some guy that I can’t understand, and then have to take of work so that some guy I don’t know can come buy my house at an undetermined time during the day. Much easier. It’s not as fast as cable, yeah, but when it’s that or hughes net… it’s worth it. You don’t have to worry about the weather, or the FAP, or the tech guy named romeo that can’t speak english. And you get a PAPER bill, and notifications about policy change, or your usage if you want. That’s the problem… phone companies have to compete with other phone companies, so most of the time they don’t treat you like shit. Hughes pretty much has no competition, they can do what ever the hell they want, because most of their customers used to have a choice of dial-up or them, and most people didn’t want dial-up. So they just deal with all the bullshit. but with the cellphone companies now providing highspeed internet people have a choice, and chose against hughes… not to mention you can travel with the damn thing, or use it in your car or at your kids soccer game if you have important work, so that you don’t have to be stuck at home or the office to get your shit done. and you can plug it into a wireless router, just like your dw7000

  14. Where I live there are only 10 residence and no cable is available. My neighbor warned me that hughes net was a piece of crap and like an idiot I believed the advertisement. I am $700.00 poorer (equipment cost+early termination) but at least I wont have to deal with scoundrels.

  15. Hughesnet has been a nightmare to deal with. I keep passing my FAP limit and then I can’t get on to finish my online work for the day. I spoke to their technical support and I got a “kind” indian man on the phone and couldn’t understand most of what he was trying to explain to me. I spent about an hour on the phone listening to him read his instruction manual to me and I almost lost my mind. This type of service sucks and shouldn’t be legal. I heard that the reason the FAP limit is there is because they have a limited number of satelites and they’re trying to add on more and more customers to rip off. Why do all of you use hughes? The reason i do is because I’m out in the middle of nowhere and can’t get cable or dsl. Is it the same for you guys?

    You can sign a F.A.P. PETITION by going to and typing your name and filling in the blanks. If we don’t fight back there will be nothing done about it.

  16. I got Hughes sat Inet service last year and from the beginning it was total crap. Twice in a row they failed to send me a bill and then cut my service off in the middle of important work. To get my service reinstated, I had to send an electronic bankdraft for payment that cost me $29.99 out of my own pocket. Enough was enough. I told them to shove it. Some woman who could barely speak English called me and told me they were going to charge something like $900 for early termination. I laughed and said “Try it and I will sue you out of business.” Then her tone quickly changed and she said she could settle for,,,what was it, about $450 or the price of the sat equipment. I had agreed to buy the equipment, so even though I may have been able to get out of it, I went ahead and settled at that price. That was about seven or eight months ago and now I suddenly got a phone call from a collection agency claiming that I owe Hughes $64. Something seriously needs to be done about these guys.

  17. Not poor dumb subscribers making them rich. It is desperate rural subscirbers. with no other choice.

    If the companies do not lay land lines to your area (why should they the goverment gave them billions in an infrastructure program whihc they smiled and laid 10 miles to supply 10 million but why bother laying 100 miles to supply 1 million when you were paid to do that also!)

    People who use satellite have no other choice. It is a real sham compared to the standard but it IS better than dialup (as long as you don’t go over which is in place from them overselling their capacity to provide…no company turns down new money and they get slimy on cutting corners case in point)

    Also there is no other satellite option which doesn’t fap you on a daily or monthly basis. What pisses me off is 1.5 miles away people are enjoying their nice normal internet. I almost want to try to fund the laying of the cable myself with these crappy choices.

    As for a suit, their practices are despicable but they seemed to have covered themselves with clever wording. (always having access as defined by 3 kbps and timeout if a few pixels need to load if you go over a limit which is well hidden info on policy)

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