Back in 2022 I discovered Mustang Club of America. They are a membership (Much like Tread Lightly) that you pay an annual membership for, and in return you get some benefits. The main benefit I was interested in was members get access to Fords X-Plan pricing.

X-Plan can knock a considerable amount of money off your purchase of a new Ford Vehicle. In my case with the F-350 its upward of $5,000.00. Considering a 5 Year membership at MCA is only $140.00, Well worth it..

The part I wasn’t expecting about MCA was the fact that in order to qualify for X-Plan, you needed to have your MCA Membership card readily available for the dealership to make a copy of. I wasn’t even aware I was getting a membership card, So I wasn’t actually looking for anything.
Its important to note that the MCA Membership levels mention one being “all digital” and the other being a full membership. But it does note that the “All Digital” Membership does include X-Plan pricing.

Now nearly 2 years after originally signing up, I went to get the X-Plan PIN number, I was met with a message informing me of the Membership Card requirement. While I was not looking for any mail from them, I never ended up getting anything, nor did I think that was an issue.

I figured this debacle was not a big issue, I would simply contact their support to request either another Membership Card, or to get a printable version.
On Thursday I reached out via their ticket system on their website..
On Friday I had no heard back, So i reached out to the direct customer service email..
Now its Saturday, and I don’t expect to hear anything until at least Monday..
The issue is, They clearly state on their website that it can take 3-4 weeks to get your membership card, Which would already be pushing the deadline for when my truck is expected to arrive..

I’m going to be highly upset if I end up missing out on my $5,000 Discount on my truck because I cant get them to respond in a timely manner..

Its not like this is a free service, or provided in good will.. I already gave them my $140.00 for a service I am expecting to be able to use now.

/rant over. Hopefully we get this new card in a timely manner..
I’m sure ill be making some updates.

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