A topic that was on my mind this morning, as I was getting ready for work.. But I just didn’t feel like going on Camera today for a YouTube vlog. So I figured this was a great place to talk about it..

The sayings “Live like today was your last day” or “You aren’t promised tomorrow” are common cliche’s that we hear throughout our lives. But seldom do we ever stop to think about the meaning of the words, or possibly how you should consider certain aspects of your life differently with those in mind…

After having a bad dream last night, I woke up with only about 3 hours of sleep. I decided not to go back to sleep after that. Just didn’t seem beneficial.

If i knew that my time was limited, with say an illness that we knew would win within the next few months.. Am I happy with what I’ve done so far?

Yes and No… I’ve traveled the world, I’ve made a Million Dollars (and spent it), and I don’t wake up any day regretting the day before it even begins (Even days when I go to work, Because I do not hate my job).
However, There are some regrets I would have, and likely some things I would change in my final days…

As of today, I own 4 Vehicles. I bought cars that I liked, and wanted to experience. I haven’t always made the smartest decisions when trading cars.. I have taken considerable losses. However I did enjoy my time with the vehicles, and I feel like I got a good amount of usage out of al ofthem, enough to say it was worth it..
In fact, I am currently waiting on my new Super Duty to be built, which I plan to trade my Rivian for.

If all of the sudden, I found out that I had about 2 months to live. I probably would not buy the Super Duty.. In fact I would likely make some MAJOR changes..
I would likely sell my Tesla Model 3, Because that’s my Work car and I currently owe about as much as its worth. So no real value there.. I would sell my Rivian, Which is paid off and use a portion of the money to pay off my F-150.
I would likely keep the F-150 and Tesla Model Y. My mom currently drives the Model Y, so that would continue to be her car, and I could see her wanting to keep the F-150 as well..

I would likely drop the price of my land considerably, and offload it quickly. I would use that money to find a house within the budget of the sale of my land.

My mom doesn’t make a lot of money, and its unlikely she would survive comfortably on her own when it comes to money.. So Having a paid off place to live would be a good start. Not to mention paid off cars to drive.
If everything went to plan, I would have about $50,000 left over to help her, as well as cover my final expenses. Beyond that my Rental Property would provide her some supplemental income.

So one could ask. If this was my plan if I KNEW I was dying soon, Why not go ahead and do it now…
Well, It’s not that simple..

First I completely ignored my credit card debt. Which would not be my problem if i wasn’t alive anymore.. But while I am alive it is my problem. I have plans to pay it off, but that involves the sale of my land. I have been slowly chipping away at the balances, and once the land sales I should have a little more than half the money from the sale left after paying off all the credit cards.

Secondly, I have a long list of things I WANT to do. With the saying in mind.. I don’t want to spend years of my life doing things I DON’T want to do.. One thing I have talked about doing over and over is buying a Fifth Wheel Camper, and doing some more traveling! My intention is to take my mom on this trip as well, because the first and only time in her life shes left the East Coast is when we went west 2 years ago.

None of my plans are Long term plans, and once I have done something to the point that I’m bored with it, I can always sell my toys and have money left over to invest in that house in the future.

I also have to look at the fact (Pun intended) that my eyes aren’t the best. I have a Eye Disease called AMD. It has flared up more than 20 times so far in my life. If left untreated it will render me completely blind. I have had at least 20 Eye Injections to save my sight, and have completely lost my sight in my left eye. I don’t believe its “If” at this point.. But WHEN it gets to the point of un-treatable, my Travels and Sight seeing are over.

To that fact, I am willing to go into debt to do everything I want to do before that happens. Even if that does not benefit my long term future. I don’t want to be setting in my house in 20 years completely blind, Wishing i had gone and traveled the world, and seen things I can no longer see.

Not to mention that once my vision is completely gone, I would be deemed disabled. Once you are disabled, You cannot be pursued for your debts any longer. (cant be sued, etc)

Hopefully, Everything works out. Hopefully, Once I am done with my traveling I’ll be able to sell my RV and Truck for nearly enough to buy a decent house. But I’m not ready to do that step in the plan just yet.
For now, I’m planning on buying the F-350 Next month and once my land sells, an RV too!

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