I found this idea useful while waiting for my VIN. Figured I would share it with the community and give a small how to on setting it up.

Chrome is required for this setup, So lets start with Downloading Chrome

Then, You will need to install Easy Auto Refresh to refresh the pages

And last you’ll need to install Tamper Monkey for running the JavaScript.


At the top right (as shown in the video) Click the plugins icon in chrome. Click TamperMonkey, and Create a new script.

Use the following code to setup your script.

// ==UserScript==
// @name        Sound for Tesla
// @namespace   Sound for Tesla
// @description Play a message if found a div with new mesasage
// @include     *
// @version     1
// @require     http://code.jquery.com/jquery-2.1.1.min.js
// @author       drakulaboy
// ==/UserScript==
var soundData = 'https://mtarp.co/eas.mp3';
var audio = document.createElement("audio");
audio.src = soundData;


After pasting the code, and making the edits you see fit, Press CTRL + S to save the script.
It should begin running automatically and immediately.

If you ordered a Model X your Search Keyword should be 7SAX
If you ordered a Model S your Search Keyboard should be 7SAS
All other US models start with 5YJ

Next navigate to your order page on Tesla,

At the top right again on the extensions button, Click Easy Auto Refresh. Set the timer to 600 seconds, and leave this browser running in the background.

As a VIN is found, The audio you selected will play. (Or the default audio included in my code)

You may test the script by changing the keyword to your RN order number, If its present on the page the sound should play. Be sure to change it back to the proper VIN keyword for it to work. ANY Time you make a change, you need to hit CTRL+S on the script page to save progress.

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