A Popular virus going around the world, And is said to hit on April First. Known as Cornficker, Or Corn Fucker. Althought i cant find MUCH info on it… 1 part of it is set to Shut down every PC in the World, Permanently. As the apple guy would say “Pc’s…. Not macs” And luclaly 80% of the internet runs on Linux, (Snoffy.com Does) So some of us wouldn’t be effected if it WERE Real… I cant find any reasonable proof that is IS real and that it WILL attack on the 1st. however most popular websites say it will… If you go to get on your PC, and it dosent work on April The 1st then maybe you should visit a Apple store nearest you! Otherwise, They say this virus is supposed to knock out Government Agencies as well, Stopping all payments of Social Security, Disability, Unemployment, Welfare, and many other government funded items.
I will However post on April the 1st to follow up on this issue… May be a bit too late for some PC Users at that time, But All my Linux and OS X Users can come find out 🙂
(Facts: Cornficker was said to be written by 2+ 14 Year olds, And is set to attack on April First)

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