Today was my Step Brothers Birthday, he turned 16, We went and seen the new movie “Mall Cop” It was really good! I Enjoyed it, and for those of you who follow me a lot… That was the first time i have went to a Movie Theatre after the incident at the last one… But one thing i wanted to make a point to mention, is i have noticed a Huge change in Emily… Something is going on… when she started school, She became more “Testing” where she would see how far she could go to get away with things… And it either got better, Or i got used to it… Anyways last week i noticed that Emily wasn’t wanting to spend as much time with me, and was acting quite frankly a butt… I just assumed this was a Phase, or whatever, and it would pass. She did spend a little time with me last week, but not much. My last day there, she didn’t acknowledge i was even there… When i went today, i had taken her and her sister Katelyn some Dry Erase Makers for their Board. At Least Katelyn Thanked me for them… Emily has yet to say one word to me… When we started to leave for my brothers Birthday, She started Whining saying “He always has to come with us!”, Referring to me.. I cant believe she has this complete 180 on me.. She used to be my “Buddy”  now its like she doesn’t want me around at all… I dono how to take this… You have to keep in mind she is just a child… But I feel the whole whining episode was brought on because Grandma was there… I dono whats going on, and why she seems to have turned against me all of the sudden… I sent and thought, have i done something? Have i recently made her mad or hurt her? And i cant think of ONE thing that may make her act like she doesn’t want me around. I tell you, its a tough feeling to cope with… I rem when we were all fussing, and i couldn’t see her for 11 days, I Almost fell apart. So its kinda hard to cope with the whole, Abandonment feeling, but for some reason, Now that she doesn’t seem to Love me as much as she did… I dono, This whole situation is weird, and like i said, you HAVE to keep in mind, shes just a child… So it could be a phase, Or something else, but u cant just say F it u dont want me around, i wont come around. Because like i said… Shes just a child..
On a totally different note, her grandma came in for a few weeks, This week, Wednesday I think? So i kinda expected her to act up, and show off in front of grandma. But that doesn’t explain all last week..

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