For the past few days, I have been trying to call HP tech support, and i really didn’t think it was possible for anyone to screw up as much as these people do!

The Original Problem was that my Power Cord started shorting out, and under warranty, so they would replace it for free. When i called they told me i had 20 days left on my warranty. After 30 Minuets of Useless troubleshooting for something we already knew the problem. He concludes that i Need a new power cord (NA SHIT SHERLOCK!) He notes down my address and ends the call. I get a e-mail hours later with the address 7240 Arber Haven Dr. I was having the cord shipped to 40 Bear Haven Dr. So i assumed it was a Simple Mistake. I call back and tell a NEW non speaking English person my address, and he says he has changed it. It ships out Yesterday to 7240 Arber Haven Dr. It is set to be delivered today… I called them back last night, and told them of the mess up that STILL has not been fixed. They decided to abandon the package going today, and send a whole new one. So i told the guy my address 5! Times, Spelling SLOWLY, Using terms as B Boy, E Edward, A Apple, R Robert. And guess what! they MESS UP AGAIN!!! new address is 440 Bear Heaven Dr. So i call YET a 5th TIME! to tell them to correct it, I get a guy, who Says he corrected it. and guess where it was shipped out to today? Yep 440 Bear Heaven Dr… Are these people really that stupid, or are they trying to stall until my warranty expires! HP Moves all their support tech centers to India, To save money. People over there work for less than what Minimum Wage is here in the USA. But how much money do they save when they have now lost 2 $80.00 Power cords in the mail… Not to mention all the Overnight shipping they have paid, And STILL have YET to get one to me… Oh yeah, and dont ask to speak to a manager. Because the “Supervisor” sounds like the SAME GUY!!!

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  1. UPDATE: Finally I did get them to call FedEx and change my address. New Delivery date is tomorrow. If all goes well, I will get 2 power Cords.. Due to their mess up…

  2. UPDATE 2: Did get both power cords today, Delivered to wrong address but i was able to trace them down and retrieve them. HP no longer requires me to send the old one back, so i get to keep both 😀 after ALL that trouble, I guess it was worth it.. This time…

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