Although, i do not like to admit it… I do play favorites between Emily and Katelyn… Ofcourse i would love Emily the Most because she is younger, and still sweet lol. But There was a time, when i didnt love more one than the other… And if any i loved Katelyn more, but not by much… Katelyn and I used to sepend a little time togather, But she started to be mean to me, and to Emily. Just smart remarks, Daily things she would do just to make me mad… And look at me like, “what are you going to do about it?” This reason, drew me away from her. Its like she would play me, to see what she could get away with, Before i would do anything.. Me being a nice person, i never did anything… Even with Emily, She was constantly picking at Emily, Trying to pick a fight with a kid she has 5 years on… That made me mad to see Emily be tortured by her older sister… But, With Katelyn, The most i would do is raise my voice, but she knew there was nothing behind it… Still today she has an attitude occasionally with me, and ofcourse by now i have learned to do something about it…. (Story: lol. On that last comment, We were in the car, and she was beating on something wiht chop sticks, and it was getting on my nerves, So i asked her to stop… 20 min later she was still doing it.. So i grabbed the chop stikc and broke it… Then handed it back to her… I know it was mean, but it was the only way i was going to show her, to not play games with me…) but i just cant seem to, and prob never will, get as close to her as i am Emily… But i think the fact that emily is Little plays a big part in that aswell… I think this is a question their mother would like a good answer to, and i havent told her anything reasonably good yet… But i do beleive this is the for sure reason things are, the way they are… Katelyn is 5 Years older than Emily, and for some reason, i have always been good with Little kids.. I was never around many older or smae age kids when growing up, just younger, But that dosent express my point exactly… Just know i was always bettter with smaller, Litttle kids… not big ones 😀 lol.

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