Paramount’s Carowinds, A Theme park located in Charlotte, NC Used to be a big part of my life, Occasionally, At least once a year, We would pay a visit to Carowinds, Of course I would never ride the rides, but it was fun to walk around the well over 100 acre park, to see all the sights, and rides, and pay a few games… I went about 5 Times before I was about 12. So it wasn’t a EVERY Year thing, but it was something we did every so often, This year, (2008) Around June, We decided to purchase Season Passes to get in to Carowinds, And in July we decided to take a trip down, On July 19, 2008 we went to Carowinds. This past year of 2008 I had began to have Panic Attacks, And ill not go in to the details of all that, But the First Day at Carowinds, They all went to ride a ride, that I wasn’t about to get on, I forget the name but you Lay down as your ride. I was left alone, Under this huge thing, On the pathway waiting on them to ride and get off, The line was well over 30 Min long, and I was doing fine setting there waiting, When the coaster came up for the first time, and went around its loops and all, I began to have a panic attack, I do not know what triggered it, I wasn’t Scared, until I started having the attack. Past panic attacks consisted of me having trouble breathing, Chest Hurting, Dizziness, Loss of blood in my arms, the normal what not, but this particular one, Wasn’t like that. I had Worse than ever before chest pain, Dizziness, Trouble Breathing but not as bad, and the feel of not wanting to be there, At a time, I felt like my heart was beating right out of my chest, It was beating hard, And that only made me worry more, After what seemed like 30 Min, it started to go away, and ease off, Then everyone came off the coaster and I was fine, The fear of being alone I guess triggered it. Once I was with everyone everything was fine, And I didn’t have one the next 2 days we were there. The Second day we were there, I hung out in the Pool Section for about 3-4 Hours by my self, Talking on the phone, with no problems. I Never have, and prob never will ride any HUGE casters like the one I was setting under, so im assuming the fear of the coaster triggered a panic attack for me…
Carowinds was fun, For the most part. After coming home, we still have not made plans to go back, and were at the end of August now, So we need to plan soon, for Season Passes…

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