We are camping here at Paramounts Carowinds here in Charlotte NC, and this i have to say, is my kind of camping… Free Power and Wifi, Right in the van… Yes i said the van… I for one do not like the thoughts of sleeping on the ground, But i can set here in the van, and blog. Lol. Anyways, We were just talking, and my step brother just said “I guess everyones been camping once” and that brings a whole new question. If you have never been camping comment and let me know, Thatd be interesting to know who all hasnt.

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  1. “Thanks SO MUCH Matt for acknowledging me on your site : Snoff ‘s(Matt’s) Blog….” It just really meant a great deal seeing the return notice.. I guess I could kind of compare it to the hi-way.. sort a like I’m driving along, the ride has become mon? autonus.. But somebody up ahead, OR BEhind shows me a simple little jesture of CURTESY!!! Man? I perk up! Life becomes ENJOYABLE again..

    “Yes, yes,yes.. WE DID make it back up there to good ole Carowinds this past Labor Day vacation. It was all good. We arrived there late and quietly as possible set up our new Wal*Mart H U G E ! $40.oo TENT. We set it up IN the DARK… we cut the flashlite OFF because it caused me too much eye glare.. Most everybody has R.V’s these days- according to what I saw.
    you know? When you’re setting up a tent, and there’s a WAY you know it should go up in you’re mind? Remember ! There’s ALSO, a way IT SHOULD GO UP by the INSTUCTIONS ! Ha. Matt, I hope this isn’t spam. God bless you…”

  2. Your Very welcome, I try to respond to everyone, if they leave an opening for a response :p, How was carowinds? We have been talking about going next weekend, but still unsure

  3. Hello again my friend..It has been a while I know since I have had a comuniq’ue! Sorry for being so Webbed up, in other stuff..
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    I have a cousin who years ago, I remember him being so proud of his Demacratic party! I wonder, is he still the same?
    Will he get out and VOTE? Or? Will he wind up being one of the COUCH POTATOES?

    I feel one thing for sure! If we’re over taxed? Will go into Depression! Bye for now. I hate the taste of spamm!

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