My Xbox had a Malfunction and ATE my GTA4 disc, Pictures below. And now Xbox is taking my 360 in for repair, But as for GTA4 it is ruined… Xbox says i will have to pay 20.00 For the replacement, And im fighting it with both fists…

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  1. Same thing happened to me with my brand new xbox 360 halo edition… I think the xbox has to read the disc to fast because of the quality of the game and all of its features. Well this whole thing with the GTA4 and XBox 360 thing really sucks!!!

  2. I did not have that problem, but my xbox has somehow lost ALL memory and wont allow me to even save to a memory card. All of this the moment I put in GTA 4. Is this game a disease? You buy it at $50, and cant even play the flippin game. WTF?

  3. Same thing happened to me, i had an xbox 360 arcade. They gave me an xbox 360 premium with a 20gb hard drive and 4 games instead, lol.

  4. funny thing is, I have YET to get the return box from Xbox, That was 2 months ago… Still do not have a replacement GTA4, Im almost afraid to send the box off for repair now… They sold me a really expensive box… I will reconsider a PS3…

  5. same here.360 scratched my gta4. called customer service. tried 2 convince them 2 pay for my game or give me gamer points…dead end. Class action suit coming up…

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