Just got my X Box 360 about 3 days ago, And i LOVE IT! I also happened to pick up Grand Theft Auto 4. This truly happens to be the “Game of The Year”

This game is AWSOME! Me and my Brother have been playing it like crazy, I am currently a little over 12.5% complete with it… Well under my Friend at 39% but im catching up! Plus you have to consider i have had mine 3 days and he has had his since it came out… This game is Truly Amazing, and i cant express that enough, I strongly encourage you to go buy it! If you do, I am on Xbox LIVE! and i Love it! Add me My Gamer tag is matthewserta Ill be expecting you! :p

Hope to see you there! Later 😀

And YES, I had to return the camera to get the xbox, but i do have plans to replace the camera, and if my money gets right, i will replace it with the same one i had :p

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