I was reading somewhere today, online. About people being frozen to live forever. And i had herd this once beofre about Walt Disney being frozen to live forever… But I couldn’t figure out why… and was almost cretin it wasn’t possible… After All you body cannot live without air… After doing some Research i found that Walt Disney was Cremated 2 days after his death. And the reason that people claimed he was Frozen was that he was to be unfroze the day they came out with a cure for Lung Cancer… So apparently he died from lung cancer..

But that kinda brings back the topic at hand… Is it possible to be frozen, and for how long. I wouldn’t think it would be possible. You body needs air, And without air your Brain Shuts down. And as well as your heart. When ur heart stops then you are dead… I don’t think there would be a way to save that… And if so without Brain Damage would be impossible… But oh well. lol. Just a crazy new thing to look up…

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