Looking To Moderate

Currently i am an Admin of 6 Blogs, 4 of which being my own… And i watch them on a daily basis, I check for new comments, and Moderate them. As well as post to the News Pages. I designed all 6 Blogs, Even though their not all mine! Some of my work below… Im looking for people that need help! If you just want me to randomly pop in and moderate your comments or if you want a full blog face lift! Let me know if i can help, Id love to help out! Now take a look at my work:

My Favorite
My News Blog
Emps Blog
My Blog Here
My Islands Sales page

2 thoughts on “Looking To Moderate

  1. Emporer Spitteler Reply

    Yea Sonof does a great job with blogs. =) I highly recommend him to anyone. Just watch his grammar, lol.

  2. Malifico Reply

    Indeed, Sonof could work on his grammar but he is always checking on all of these blogs, very very good work he has indeed 🙂

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