My Friends from Second Life, Come to my blog on a regular basis, And they told me i need to post more stuff because reading the same thing over again is boring! Well thing is, I don’t really have any new info. Something i haven’t blogged on in a while is my YouTube Stats. So heres the Most Recent Stats of my YouTube.

Videos Watched: 1,246
Videos Uploaded: 127
Video Views: 59,330
Favorites: 70

Channel Type: Director
Channel Views: 1,393
Subscribers: 29

Yes yes, I know…. I was supposed to make a 20 Subscribers video, And here we are at 30 but again, I don’t have a camera! So i cant help it! Sorry lol. I am still working on the camera, So just give me time! But my Video Views are amazing, Almost 60,000. I just cant believe it! Check out my YouTube Here

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