About 6 Months ago, My step mom, and my dad moved back up to the city he came from, which is the same city i live in. But they moved up here, After my Step mom got accepted as a Dental Hygienist at a local Dentist office, She pulled her 2 Kids form school, 1 from day care, Left her Family and moved up here to be with my dad.
6 Months later, (yesterday) She was told that at the end of the month, She would need to find a new job, She Lost Her Job! So im just spending some time with them now, Possibly helping her get threw this hard time.

Just on another note, If there are any Dentist offices that may stumble across my blog, Within the Asheville, Black Mountain, Old Fort, Marion, Morganton area, that need a Hygienist, Hit me up, Ill give you her contact info. kThxBai!

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