If you seen this very post a few days ago, you would have read that Malifico wrote the post himself. I no longer support him and or any of his actions, Until the dispute case is closed between him and Ty Dejavu, The owner of Beau monde.

Malifico agreed to purchase Beau Monde form Ty Dejavu for the amount of $1,675.00. When LL Released their most recent blog post about their prices, Malifico opened a dispute against Ty for the money he had already paid down on the island. Ty Dejavu has been a good friend throughout most of my Second Life, and my Entire Second Life on Teen Grid. Malifico is well known as a scammer, and not trusted by many… I do hope Ty wins this case, And dosent wind up loosing $675.00 on the sale of his island, After all the deal was made before LL’s Decision

Not only did Malifico cause the trouble with Ty, But He basically forced Wicked Loudon, and Anna Normandy two of the biggest designers of teen grid, To leave the island. Wicked Loudon has reported that he plans to QUIT Second Life, and After all this, Malifico wants out… I think in some way, Malifico should be FORCED to buy the island…

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