Like i said, I sent in to for possible sponcership on a Cam and Network card, So waiting on that repily. But Im afraid vista isnt going to support this… I have been blue screened 3 times today just surfing the web,
I normally dont ASK for sponcers, And im going out on a new limb asking UStream, And i dont think they will, To be honest. So this is a public announcement. I want to try a Mac Book, Or Mac Book Pro, And if anyone wanted to sponcer me with that. My mailing address is at my website… or if you want to make donations my Alert Pay Account is so feel free. I will have to buy more ram for the Vista machine if i dont get a MBP or Mac Book.

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  1. UPDATE: hey its me Snoff, Anyways The update is i have a List Created, And i am sending it to all major sponcers to see if anyone will help me, heres the list.

    Current needs:
    High Quality Webcam < Nothing Fancy like HD or anything, Just enough to support the 30-60 Frame

    Sprint Mobile Broadband Card < With or W/O Service. ( I Would be able to get this activated on my own )

    Mac book or Mac book Pro < Not Exactly a NEED but it would make it easier for me to insert the logos in Live Video and With the built in I Sight I wouldn’t need a Camera.

    Any Donations to Help the Fund

  2. UPDATE: I have Recieved a E-Mail from someone offering to send me a Mobile Broadband Card Free, We havent sealed a deal yet, However he said he would like to send me the card. Card only. Donations are still accepted to help cover the monthly charges. Mailing address is on Thanks

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