I was just at my grandmas, And my aunt and uncle came in, And we got to talking about wireless routers, Because thats how i access the internet, He mentioned something about my e-mailing him the info on the routers, and i asked him what his e-mail address was, His wife imminently said something to him, I assumed she didn’t want me having the address, He came over to me and told me the address, I sent the info, And she acted mad… I figure she got mad at him for giving me her address. Its kinda funny, How every time they have ever gotten an address, they never wanted me to have it. I have the slightest clue why? But oh well… He had to say he was sorry to her, So i was quite sure… Theres no point in acting snooty like that.. I didn’t save her address in my address book, And ill prob never send her another e-mail…

And i wouldn’t be surprised if they read this… Because i showed my uncle my web page, sonofmarvin.com and Son Of Marvin isn’t that hard to rem. So if he goes to look at it, and clicks my blog, Then yep, They will see it… But i don’t care…

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  1. If she gets mad at him giving her email address out, why doesn’t he create his own email address?

    Also, something to think about: Why doesn’t she want you to have it? Usually, email is, to the average person, a way to stay in contact with other family members. If you don’t trust your nephew with your email address, who can you trust with it?

    I could understand if he was giving it out to random people on the internet, but your own family should have your email address just in case of emergency anyways.

    No offense to you or your family, but that’s kinda strange.

    Also, if she or he does discover your post, just explain to them what a blog exactly is, because if they get mad, they truly don’t know the point of a blog.

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