My past with Linksys routers haven’t been TOO bad, But they’ve been bad. I am currently on my 4th Linksys Router, My first one finally died, After much use, The second one died at nothing… The third one i use at Home, Its half broken, but works. And my Fourth one, witch is a little over 4 Months old, Is at my grandmas. The whole point of this last router was for wireless access on my laptop, I also pay for the 10Mbps Cable internet connection at my grandmas, because she dosent have a computer. My dad lives very close next door, So he is able to use off my Wireless Signals. But For some reason this router has problems Supplying 2 computers, My dads comptuer is constantly Downloading something, Such as P2P and someone is always surfing the web, And when im on the wireless, My computer is mostly on a very Bandwidth sucking game called Second Life, Surfing the web, and sometimes doing p2p and a Skype Call all at the same time. And many times does my router get Overloaded carrying all this bandwidth, And normally isn’t out but a few min, and then it comes back. Last night, We had what i call a Major crash, The LAN ports worked fine, Just the wireless Crashed, And our wireless internet was out for 4 Hours until it finally recovered on its own, Very odd…  Now granted my 3rd router isn’t even on an outside line, It acts as a link between a network printer and about 3 computers, So its dosent get overloaded, ever.

But soon i will be moving to a High Speed Connection on my Router Number 3, and If either 3 or 4 happen to blow, I dont think i will be ordering a new Linksys, Past experiences with net gear aren’t good either, I think i will try one of those Airport Extreme ones…

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