As you can see in the Comments t recent blog posts, Apparently im not the ONLY one thats getting this problem with HughesNet. Apparently the problems im having, Are exactly the Same with other subscribers. Kinda Makes me wonder if all this wasnt Planned. Here are the comments i received on all my posts…

James |

So have you heard anything back on this yet? I have been getting screwed by these assholes for over 3 years, but there is nothing I can do, because they are the only players in my area…Wimax is starting to take off though and I am getting a week signal from my cell phone so maybe in the new future I can tell then to fuck off…Good luck and if you get a class action suit going, count me in

Responce From “Snoff”: Hello, I havent herd anything back on it yet, I havent really done much about it, I was recently suspended Perminately from their netoorks, due to non payment. Ever since they cut me off, i have been at my dads on Cable, So havent worried with it much, However i will keep updates posted to my blog. Thanks.

sajestanus |

I’ve been reading your blog for a few minutes and I just wanted to drop in and inform you of a few things.

Firstly, I’d like to start off by saying I too live out in the ‘boonies’ with no decent internet access other than sattelite or dial up. Given the choices, I decided to try sattelite. I went and called WildBlue who said they didn’t service my area.. (Sattelite is supposed to be everywhere..) So I called Hughesnet, who just so happened to service my area.

After reading through the FAQ and things about the FAP, I decided to go with Hughesnet. The first 30 days went fine, as usual with any 30-day backout period product. After the 30 days were up, I randomly got FAP’d, speeds got nerfed, and sometimes even when I wasn’t FAP’d, speeds were down to as little as 17KBPS. I have the ProPlus plan (90$/month!). You’d think at this price, you’d get higher bandwidth, better service, and less bullshit.

Customer support is horrible. I have no problem with other nationalities, but when they put them on as the main call answerer, this just annoys me. He walked me through a few things which had nothing to do with the task at hand (telling him my IP, pinging google, trying to browse msn and yahoo, speedtesting at their website, unplugging the modem for 30 seconds and plugging it back in..) Nothing worked. Surprisingly, during the FAP-free hours (3-6AM EST), the speeds rose to the normal, and after 6AM, they went back to 17KBps. Seriously. Called them back again, and the same european man answered again, and we went through the same process, which didn’t help anything.

At the moment, it’s still going really slow. This is totally unacceptable; Dial up at 5KBPS for $15.00 per month compared to their service at 17KBPS with random FAP’s even when I haven’t downloaded things, for 89.99$/month with a 200$ setup fee and a 2 year contract? Unbelievable!

Sadly, Even if you do sue, I doubt you’ll get any thing out of them – They protected their asses in their contract and ToS. Sorry for the long rant, but I had a lot bottled up. Anyone experiencing this should definately write up a complaint to the BBB if it continues and Hughesnet doesn’t do anything to remedy them. (What the hell is turning the ethernet cable around supposed to accomplish anyways?)

sajestanus |

Well, back again.

This time the speed didn’t rise during 3-6AM; It just stayed there. This time I’m thinking maybe the dish got unaligned or something, the wind here has been really crazy the last few days.

It has risen a little. I’m getting 38KBps now, but still, that’s crazy compared to the 150KBps advertised. Now, they told me they had thirteen sattelites. If the dish was unaligned, shouldn’t it just reconnect to the sattelite with better reception?

I’m starting to think that aliens do exist, and that they’re blowing up all of the sattelites in outerspace. ;)

So where getting Suckered, and theres nothing we can do about it! Someone help us… lol.

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  1. No offence, but i dont think your help could help us at all, We are aware of the Scheduled Cut in speed taking place every afternoon untill 1AM, And unless you can bypass the FAP, then theres no reason to contact…
    PS to blog readers, Traced the IP, and if that Really Is who they say they are, i think its funny, because they dont use their own Sucky interent!
    Sprint SPRINT-BLKD

  2. The above comment came from a user who selected “Go to Verizon Cable” as his or her name. However Verizon does not offer Cable, So i had to moderate the name, That person left no other info but that, SO he or she is now known on the blog as Unknown User, Thanks.

  3. $65.00 per month for the past 3 years of lousy service, plus $600. for the dish. Now they go ahead and “upgrade” their e-mail services and it takes twice as long to open the e-mail page. When I complain I get a user survey to fill out!!!
    But if I “upgrade to the DW7000 or higher at $10.00 more a month I may be able to get faster service. What bullshit!!

  4. Hello Ozy,

    Thank you for contacting HughesNet Web Services technical support!

    In order for us to assist you, please specify your domain name and elaborate your question.

    We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for additional assistance, and invite you to contact us if you have any additional concerns.


    Technical Support Specialist
    1-888-390-1243 Option 1

    To assist us in serving you better, please do not delete any portion of the Technical Support Specialist correspondences.
    —– Original Message —–
    From: Ozy
    Sent: Sunday, July 27, 2008 7:35 PM
    Subject: GOOKNET

    your system makes me crazy! you are crooks!
    how can I contact someone that can help me?

    Hello J.G.U.
    Where should I begin?
    1: When we were talking to your sales person I made a point to ask about gaming on line. She said it was no problem to play online games with Hughes net. (Later I find out about the 2 sec. delay problem that makes Hughes net unstable to use for games online)
    2: She explained the 200MB limit and asked if we downloaded movies. I said no we would not be downloading movies. She told us then there would not be any problems. I said we need to upload pictures to a web page we are having constructed for our dogs we are breading. She promised that it would be as fast as DSL. (That statement was untrue; it has never been as fast as DSL at anytime day or night).
    3: I found a free demo game online (it was 150MB) and I wanted to download it but after getting ¾ of the file Hughes net kicked me off of the webpage (reason unknown). After I returned to the page and restarted the download my speeds dropped to slower than my old dial up.
    4: I called Hughes net Tec Support for the first time. It became very clear in just a few min. that your Tec support people don’t know anything. They read from a card, they ask the same questions over and over again. They speak very low and I can not hear them, they don’t understand English and I can’t understand what they use for English. Also I can hear little babies crying in the back ground. Now please don’t tell me
    “We don’t have babies in our call centers” I have already been told that before, I AM TELLING YOU A BABY WAS CRYING IN THE BACK GROUND! Nothing you can say will change the fact that you had a baby crying coming over my phone line. I made my wife pick up on the line and she could hear the baby too! If you say it is not so you are saying I AM LIEING!
    5: Your sales person said I had a 30 day refund period. I asked to be let out of the contract within 30days
    And was told it could cost $700 (U.S. DOLLARS) and that was within 3 weeks of having your dish put on my roof!
    6: Hughes net Email is a total joke I can’t believe you put that old out dated slow service on my $80 a month system and want me to use it!
    7: My Hughes net just stopped working… I made over 9 calls to TEC Support. I got 9 answers. 9 reasons why it was down. Tec Support wanted to send a new modem and someone to plug it in (only 4 wires) cost $30 (U.S.MONEY not rubes). No.9 Tec GUY wanted me to find a “computer guy” (meaning some person I know to come and reload my local network program) because it was not company policy to help customers fix this problem! All this time I talked to Hmel, Rob, Summer (Sumur), Kpox, and many others. Most of them would get short with me if I told them I could not understand what they said! THE BOTTOM LINE IS YOUR TEC SUPPORT IS CRAP! You must pay them next to nothing because that is what they are and that is what you get! (I get!). As a last hope I called the phone number of the company that installed the system. I talked to someone who could speak English after all he was the first American I had talked to
    about Hughes net from the time I joined. In a short time he had me up and running. But I am sad to say he told me they don’t work on Hughes net any longer. He told me Hughes net hides the real officers behind a wall of Asians. That I have found out for myself. No one can do anything for the customers.
    8: July 27 2008 my son logged on you tube and played some songs not too many but about 70MB. We did not know that just playing songs would cost so much in MB’s, any way he just left the computer on and on you tube. No one was using it and no songs were being played in fact no one was even at home all day. Well then old Hughes net slowed down because it went over 200MB! THAT WAY THE LAST STRAW!
    10: Hughes net misleads people like me into joining. After customers find out the truth it is too late. Very poor way to do business. Then Hughes net says “we understand your up set and we are very sorry” But you do not fix it or refund our money. The fact that you will not use American workers to fill these jobs shows me what kind company you are!
    11: If Hughes net would stand behind what I was promised and fix my problems I could consider staying with you. However after the lies and phony way I was tricked and mislead to join I do not think I can do business with people like you. I will not stay with Hughes net. Please try to talk me out of dumping Hughes net. But I don’t think you can.

  5. I signed up- for hughes net…BIG MISTAKE…I was charged $99 for the start up and $75 for the damn pole to put it on. The installer NEVER said two words…he didn’t explain a thing about how it works nor did he show me how to set up the email..I was on my own. I surfed the web…Went to a few news web pages. Then nothing..Two hours later I was shut off the internet. I called tech support I was told I exceeded my threshold. Because I had downloaded to much.. I SURFED the web pages for crying out loud! The moron on the phone told me I was downloading to my monitor. That is NOT a download.. ITS SURFING WTH? anyway Ten min of arguing with him on what a download was I Opted out. I told him to cancel the account I was not satisfied with their SO CALLED SERVICE. I would not receive a refund and it would cost me another $100 for them to come get their useless equipment! Now I am stuck with $174 loss..and i have to return the equipment to WHO knows where.. and I rather have dial up…It may be slow…But its unlimited and reliable compared to hughes net…
    I wouldn’t recommend a damn thing about this service. I also filed a complaint with BBC and FCC…This is a consumer rip off!

  6. thank you for all your feedback. I was just looking into getting this and have now changed my mind I had the same problem with Wildblue thru Dishnetwork. No one one ever told me I could only download so much. In fact, I don’t download at all and would lose my connection everynight after dinner. I called and told them to take out the equipment and they said I was committed for 18 months, however I never signed any agreements with them. Since I have been a dish customer for over 10 yrs, they waived my cancellation fee. That was awfully big of them. It is a shame you pay that kind of money and get nothing in return.

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