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Its funny, How things get started, I was looking the other day, The Sonof/Mecca Hate Group is STILL Active, with Me, and Nitsuj and a few more members, But the Creator, and his alts have been Perma Banned from Second Life. But i was looking at this group, Looking Back at Ross, Laughing. Its Funny How people will try to test you. Just to see how far you will go, Before you snap. When Ross Rented, He Had a Nooby Dance floor out, and a few HUGE Wood Blocks. I returned them on 3 separate Occasions. He said he was hiring a Builder, but once the builder was done it was jsut more Huge Wood Blocks with Water. I Returned it and he starts cursing me out. I explained to him how I have been very Patient about him breaking my rules as far as Pro Build only. I told im he is to get a PRO builder, because i wasn’t allowing him any more chances on messing up. So he buys Another parcel, Dont know why, and the next day he had 2 Large Parcels with nothing but Blocks and Beach Balls Everywhere, Not just small blocks either, Large ones. After Returning and Reclaiming the land it was obvious that he was just messing with me. But i did tell him he could have his land back if he got me a Pro Builder. This is when he started harassing and Cursing at me and my Managers, And resulted in a Ban from Mecca. More words were said to Nicelus Borrelly than me But either way. He started a SONOF hate group, Noting about Nicelus. which was kind of odd, and then he got banned, And lost 6K. But thats how the Rules Roll. Abide by them or get Pwnd!

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