Recently we redid evolve AGAIN! and once again, it seems to be failing, Me personally i think its the prices, But Ty is already planning another redo. However, At this point, Ty is DONE. He does not want anything Elyse to do with Evolve. So he is making a HARD decision rite now between 1) Selling Evolve 2) Allowing Me to Run it or 3) Allowing Shawn Ay to run it. Personally i think he should sell it. Do not get me wrong, i d love to run it, And Personally i think Shawn has too much to do as is, Alcove, Elysia, and whatever else. That would be a lot of work for me i know. Because ever since i started helping ty, and Sparkles. Most of my hours online went in to Evolve and Hulahoop. So i have basically stopped hanging out at Elysia.  But as ty decides what to do. I wil begin to help by lining up Bidders for Evolve for him, Hopefully he will do the “Right Thing” Whatever the hell that is, LMAO! if your interested in Bidding on evolve, or would like to place a Silent Bid, IM me in world. and if Ty does decide to sell, the HIGHEST bidder will be sent to Ty. The reason i say contact me is in this time of decision we want to try and keep IM’s to a Minimum on Ty, Due to Stress.  Thanks.

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