Some of the well know, Top Barons in Second Life, Names like: Ty Dejavu, Dusty Runo, and Sin Kovacs. Well as you know Ty owns Evolve, And Sin Basically owns Carthago. < (Spell Check)  A few things have been going on in the past little bit and ill try to cover all of it. As you know Because of these guys the Mainland Land Sales have been Shot Threw The Roof! and no one wants to buy Mainland. And i cant much blame them, I am NOT going to pay 4 Per meter for some dumb land, which you will note i will NEVER own land in the MG.

But Back to the Islands. Sin Kovacs Recently tried to pull together a meeting with all PI Owners, To Raise prices. Even thought this is Highly Illegal in RL, From what i hear Those Rules Don’t apply in SL. Even thought, Heres my thought on that…

Barons have raised prices, So high, Its ridicules. No one is buying land, No one is making money, Mainland could go for as low as 2 Per meter, It may not be good land, But it can do it. Most Islands are at 2.0 Per Meter, Some at 2.3. This isn’t making Islands First Choice, And Islands is where the Money is. <Excuse my grammar, lol.  Where there are ALOT of Island Land for sale, Is hurting EVERY island. And there is really no resolution to this, Unless someone wants to take their sim down, and use it as a play sim. Some said when we got More sims, The Echonomy would Expand, Well Insted it Crashed. And With winter coming, Theres only More hard times ahead.

I know island Owners are Not going to like what they are about to read, But its the only solution in sight, and it works.  As you know for the past few weeks, Owned Unreal. And being my tier is cheaper than anyone else, (Class 5’s That is) I can manage to really low pricing, My base price is 1.95 Per meter, Alcove is still winning at 1.8. But After a week, i noticed only alcove was selling, and it wasn’t selling fast enough to sell out, and get the sales to me. So i went to 1.5 Per Meter, The sales rolled in, And the Money rolled in, Not as fast, but it rolled in. Carthago lowered their prices, But Much to their surprise i lowered again, to a even, 1.0. Making Unreal the Cheapest Land, For 3 weeks rental. Even thought, I have only made tier so far, Im not worried about a profit, And 195 Islands can do this! And STILL make a Profit! I still have a few plots for rent, and have made tier, The profit isn’t gonna be that big, But its going to be a profit.

So, To help all of you out, I say, Battle with the Barons, All these sims, can out do the class 5’s: Eden, Alcove, Unreal, Levi. Wow thats all the class 4’s? well either way They can do it! and thats what makes them better than everyone else. So instead of Raising prices, and Causing land sales to go slower, I say Lower prices, Make them go faster.  and that my thoughs on that 🙂

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