I’ve been a long time customer of AT&T, since around 2010. I’ve worked with AT&T, I’ve done things with their social media team, I’ve even flown to Las Vegas on two separate occasions to assist their social media team in covering events.

around 2012, I was introduced to resellers. People who would get plans that others didn’t know exist, and then resell them for a small profit. I wanted to learn more about it, so I purchased from a reseller, and very quickly became a reseller myself. back in the day there was no legitimacy to the reselling, we would purchase prepaid iPad plans, and resell them to customers at a mark up. At the time the iPad plan was around $30 per month and most were selling the plan for around 60. Making an easy 100% profit AT&T later caught on with this and raised the price to 35 per month before completely killing the plan entirely.
when I decided to expand my business into a legitimate reseller, I established with the business department. I had well over 600 lines, and paid AT&T while over $20,000 per month.
when my account representative retired, everything went to shit. It was nearly impossible to get anything done, and constantly running into issues with the account that we didn’t previously have.

before you know it, my account was closed for “breaking the terms”, and my 600 lines were ended. Without any notification or explanation at all. Furthermore, all 600 devices used on those lines were blacklisted from the network.

having worked with other resellers, I know what this is. AT&T doesn’t want resellers. I get it, but the entire practice, as a business makes no sense. You don’t want me to be a reseller, so you close my account. That makes sense. However, banning all 600 customer devices makes no sense at all. Those 600 customers now can’t come to you for a plan, they’re going to come back to me to hack their device to get it back on your network. Which I have done several times. had you not Blacklisted their devices, they may very well have came to you for a plan instead.

presently AT&T is appearing to be the angry only child who is just lashing out at everyone, they don’t think rationally with their plan or the future of their company. The decisions they are making today are only going to further devalue their company. Not only did they walk away from well over $20,000 per month from me, but they have been doing this to many other resellers as well. And ensuring that those clients will never come back to them, making sure they’ll never make another dime off those people.

unfortunately, AT&T holds the better Internet plan, customers want AT&T because of the speed and coverage. Verizon and T-Mobile have yet to match what AT&T has to offer. So getting those customers onto a reliable plan that doesn’t go down Every few months is nearly impossible. AT&T thinks they’ve got it figured out, but the resellers have it figured out. I have not slowed down one bit. My account may be closed but my 13 other accounts not in my name are not. All I do is spoof the IMEI and put the customer on another plan and off we go. You have accomplished nothing.

It’s these irrational actions that they continue to make on a daily basis that make me see this company as a very volatile company. I no longer want to have my money tied up into this company, because crazy irrational decisions like they’ve been making do not make a company successful. And they do not make a company money. In today’s age money makes the world go around, and without it, your business is useless. As a business owner, I would never do anything to boycott hundreds if not, thousands of customers at the single click of a button. They would need a very good reason to be banned from my business. My business relies on money, so I will do everything in my power to keep it flowing.

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