I have been With and left Volume Drive several times in the past, But mainly my issues were the fact that I needed more than they could offer me. Not long ago they started to offer 1Gbps Connections again, and I was very interested in that. I ordered a server, And for the most part was disappointed. The speeds were only about 150Mbps max, and definitely not worth the upgrade.  At the time I wasnt NEEDING 1Gbps, so i asked them to cancel down the upgrade, and put me back on 100Mbps. My first month with them provided solid 100/100 speeds, with no issues..

Day one of month two was a completely different story however.. For two weeks in to my 2nd month term I had dealt with nothing but solid downtime and lag for the entire two weeks. After SEVERAL emails to support, the issue had not been resolved, and I decided it was time to move on..

Quite simple, if you pay for budget hosting, your going to get Budget hosting!

Volume Drive tried to give me a run around about their “no refunds” policy but my Credit Card Dispute said otherwise. Ive had my last feel of Volume Drive, and will not be returning..

I am NOT Sponsored by OVH, However my replacement server was actually CHEAPER than my Volume Drive server, with a much more stable internet connection. I ordered it from OVH and am currently still with them.

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