Last Night, It hit me…

It was then that i realized, That i  have messed up. Quitting School wasn’t all of the best decision. I was a Computer lab and Library Assistant, And i feel now that i have failed them all. And now that i see it from another point of view, And i see what DUMB decision i made, I cant go back… I cant do it over again, I cant go back to school. I cant pick up where i left off. That sucks!  I could however attend Night School or something, However it wouldnt be the same, And id only get a GED.

So I have came to realize, People make mistakes, Some more than others. (hangs head down) However this dose’nt mean Life is over! First thing tomorrow, Im getting off my ass, and getting a job, Im going to work it off, im going to get the info to go back to school. and im gonna do something about it! instead of set here and Cry over Spilt Milk, Thats a saying, don’t cry over split milk, Clean it up. lol.

I was almost sure when i quit school that was what i should do. Now id give anything to go back. I have herd this story from ALOT of people, However i never thought id be saying it, When your 16, You dont really know what you will be saying down the road, You havent even gotten a quarter of your life over. Now only 1 Year and about 5 Months later, I have a complete Different outlook on life.

But i think about it… Do i want to set at home, Have all the free time i want, And go to work the day i turn 18 in some plant, Some Hot, Long hour, Hard Working, Company. Or do i want to Shape up, Get off the pot (lol)  and go back to school, then go to work, Making ALOT more than the other option setting behind a desk somewhere. However… i would like to be a Police Officer, I have a thing in computers, So dono what tor really do, But as of now, all i need to worry about is GED.

How could i have been So naive,  How did i not see this coming. But at the time of quitting school, All i seen was, Stress, The Stress of Moving, Drivers Ed, AND School. I had to Drop EVERYTHING i was doing and go do that. And when your moving its hard, Plus it was the first time i had moved in like 14 years. But Looking back, I could have dealt with it, Its just simply, I didnt want to. And that is where i went wrong!

But You also have to think, Were only Human, We need room for mistakes, So maybe i can get with the school, and see what they can do for me, However Night School would be alot shorter classes. Either way, If anyone reads this that might be thinking of quitting school, Dont! Its the Dumbest Decision of your life, Unless of course you got someone pregnant, lol, Thats a whole Different story.

Commients to this are on, Feel free to let me know what you think.

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