Lately I have been having an unusually hard time selling on eBay.. It seems anymore the […]
I was very excited to hear about a new product that was just released that basically […]
For most of my life, I’ve been a fan of Ford Vehicles. My first car was […]
Recently I decided to try Uber out as a driver. Not a fan of doing UberX […]
On Monday April 23 some scumbag hit my parked car and left without telling anyone.. I […]
Ever since AT&T Introduced Plenti as their new rewards program i was excited for new rewards […]
Recently I tested out the HP Instant Ink program on one of the cheapest models of […]
In my search to maybe start offering cPanel on my Hosting Website, I came across a […]
In this comparison test, I decided to order the same thing from three different vendors in […]
Virtual Private servers can get pricey, but at Free packet we have a massive sale going, […]